Hot Rachel R. Gauntlet Time

New Season!

So the new season is filming, after this one the contracts up, and they brought back some of the big ones.  Here is the cast list:
  • Brittini Sherrod - Real World Hollywood
  • Kimberly Alexander - Real World Hollywood
  • Nick Brown - Real World Hollywood
  • Dunbar Flinn - Real World Sydney
  • Issac Stout - Real World Sydney
  • Shauvon Torres - Real World Sydney
  • Brooke Labarbera - Real World Denver
  • Davis Mallory - Real World Denver
  • Jenn Grijalva - Real World Denver
  • Paula Meronek - Real World Key West
  • Landon Lueck - Real World Philadelphia
  • Brad Fiorenza - Real World San Diego
  • Robin Hibbard - Real World San Diego
  • Adam King - Real World Paris
  • CT - Real World Paris
  • Aneessa Ferreira - Real World Chicago
  • Ruthie Alcaide - Real World Hawaii
  • Mark Long - Road Rules 1
  • Katie Doyle - Road Rules The Quest
  • Rachel Robinson - Road Rules Campus Crawl
  • Ryan Kehoe - Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge
  • Derek McCray - Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge
  • Tori Hall - Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge
  • Diem Brown - Fresh Meat
  • Eric Banks - Fresh Meat
  • Evan Starkman - Fresh Meat
  •   Thats the source.  I think it's a good one, except Mark said he retired....wonder whats up with that.  But Katie, Rachel, and Ruthie are all in this one!   I hope they start bringing back some of the older people like Veronica, Tina, Anne, Emily, Julie, etc.   I loved the girls they had on Battle of the Sexes 1.  I hope Rachel makes it to the end in this one!
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kenny and bananas are d-bags and kelly anne was waaaaaaasted. no one really came off as likable this time around. ryan, jen, derrick and robin possibly? but who cares. more ct next time plz.

Gauntlet 3

So we are a fair few weeks into the Gauntlet 3 and i wanted to know what everyone thought?

I love the Rookies, but they are just pathetic right now. It really is unbelievable right now. They have 6 people left! And only 2 guys!

My favourite people this season have been Evan, Kenny and Paula. Evan and Kenny are hilarious and make me laugh whenever they are on screen. And i think Paula is awesome!

Once again hate Coral. Never liked her, and hate her even more now she walked out, although i was so happy because the vets lost two people in one day! :D
Hot Rachel R. Gauntlet Time

Battle of the Sexes 2....oh so long ago...but still a great challenge!


lol, I made this quiz a long time ago...back when the newbies on the challenge were Robin, Kina, Ibis, and Angela. Thought it would be fun to share.  It's a quiz on what girl you are from Battle of the Sexes 2.

Havn't seen any life from this group for a while!


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Hey, I never knew The Inferno 3 was airing.. When does it usually play, and when can I catch one of those frequent marathons of the previous eps that MTV does? Thanks in advance!
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