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New Season!

So the new season is filming, after this one the contracts up, and they brought back some of the big ones.  Here is the cast list:
  • Brittini Sherrod - Real World Hollywood
  • Kimberly Alexander - Real World Hollywood
  • Nick Brown - Real World Hollywood
  • Dunbar Flinn - Real World Sydney
  • Issac Stout - Real World Sydney
  • Shauvon Torres - Real World Sydney
  • Brooke Labarbera - Real World Denver
  • Davis Mallory - Real World Denver
  • Jenn Grijalva - Real World Denver
  • Paula Meronek - Real World Key West
  • Landon Lueck - Real World Philadelphia
  • Brad Fiorenza - Real World San Diego
  • Robin Hibbard - Real World San Diego
  • Adam King - Real World Paris
  • CT - Real World Paris
  • Aneessa Ferreira - Real World Chicago
  • Ruthie Alcaide - Real World Hawaii
  • Mark Long - Road Rules 1
  • Katie Doyle - Road Rules The Quest
  • Rachel Robinson - Road Rules Campus Crawl
  • Ryan Kehoe - Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge
  • Derek McCray - Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge
  • Tori Hall - Road Rules Viewer’s Revenge
  • Diem Brown - Fresh Meat
  • Eric Banks - Fresh Meat
  • Evan Starkman - Fresh Meat
  •   Thats the source.  I think it's a good one, except Mark said he retired....wonder whats up with that.  But Katie, Rachel, and Ruthie are all in this one!   I hope they start bringing back some of the older people like Veronica, Tina, Anne, Emily, Julie, etc.   I loved the girls they had on Battle of the Sexes 1.  I hope Rachel makes it to the end in this one!
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