a Prince without a Kingdom (adonis) wrote in rw_rr_challenge,
a Prince without a Kingdom

I heart Svetlana

So Svet was undoubtedly the underdog of the season. Like she said herself, she was the Key West girl that everyone wanted gone from day one, but she still prevailed and made it to the finals. One thing I love about her is that she's hot. Another thing is that when she won something she was genuinely excited about it, the motorcycle and when she won that air line thing on the Aftershow she was like in awe and like genuinely excited and thankful to have received something when other people were just like "eh, cool." Also, when she saw she did lose and said "Oh i lost," my heart broke just a little bit but she didn't get negative at all.  She said that she overcame great odds and that it was an amazing experience and that she did what many thought that she couldn't do. So I lover her for that and she's hot too.

So now that I have professed my love for Svet, anyone see the finale of the Dual? Bad ass right? I was happy that Wes won and I really wanted Svet to win but she has a bike and the money for being on the show so I suppose I can sleep well at night.

And your thoughts be?
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