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Team Good Guys

Alton (Las Vegas)
Ace (Paris)
Rachel (Austin)
John (Key West)
Paula (Key West)
Colie (Denver)
Davis (Denver)
Timmy (USA Tour 2)
Susie (Australia)
Cara (South Pacific)
Team Bad Asses

Aneesa (Chicago)
Tonya (Chicago)
CT (Paris)*
Danny (Austin)
Janelle (Key West)
Jenn (Denver)
Tyrie (Denver)
Abram (South Pacific)
Evelyn (Fresh Meat)
Kenny (Fresh Meat)

The new fourteenth season of Road Rules which has been brought back after a long hiatus has officially been given a title. The fourteenth season, which will bring back alumni to the RV in a new environment where fans will interact with the cast, is being called Road Rules 360.

We have also been given a premiere date of January 30, which is Tuesday, at 9:00PM. MTV's nightly lineup will now begin at 9PM, not at 10, which it normally has in the past.

Also, the folks at MM Agency has given us a rundown of the seasons that will be represented in the new season of Road Rules. They are:

2 Extreme castmembers
2 South Pacific castmembers
1 Campus Crawl castmember
1 Semester At Sea castmember
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